little piece I did the other day

Some panels I did for the interactive comic we made at the Storyworld Jam this weekend.

Scenes from Storyworld Jam 2014 - an interactive media jam I was at this weekend. We made a little interactive comic about a plague. I might post some of the work I did on it later.

Sketches of two of Duncan Carmichael’s elder brothers, grumpypants Captain Alexander and Robert James. Robert is a lot like Duncan in terms of personality (and looks) while Alex is much more serious and austere.

Both of these guys will appear in the Hunt comic, and also possibly Adrestia at some point.

Trying out some style ideas for Hunt. I think going for a painted look will probably be too time consuming, but I like the sketchy lining on the left one.

For funsies - some humanised turtles based on the current cartoon.

Two little concept sketches of Carmichael and Ophelia as they appear in Hunt. I have to admit it’s pretty strange drawing Carmichael out of his uniform.

Some development sketches from the comic short, Hunt, that I’m working on for Adrestia.

More comic related stuff. Now is a good time to mention how much I hate drawing taco hats.

Little rough character sketch I did today. Sort of related to my comic since this character exists within the same storyworld (and is probably gonna be referenced at some point).